Headquarters email

John Phillpot - President

Edward Fitzgerald - Vice President

Donald Tomlinson - Vice President

Alex Gibson - Chief Scout

Brian Christie - Chief Commissioner

Coolidge Cartwright - Treasurer

Inell Williams - Hon. Secretary

History of Scouting In The Bahamas 1913-2013


Some five years after Lt. General Robert Baden-Powell held his experimental camp on Brownsea Island of the coast of England, Scouting reached The Bahamas late in 1912.


In 1912 Baden-Powell had toured the Caribbean but did not visit The Bahamas. It may very well have been the publicity surrounding his tour which prompted Evelyn Lobb to introduce Scouting to The Bahamas.


The Bahamas Branch of Boys Scout as it was then called, came into being in February, 1913 and was officially recognized by Imperial Headquarters on March 19th, 1913.


Miss Evelyn Lobb, was a member of the Government House Staff, she was instrumental in forming the 1st Bahamas Troop. This Troop which was attached to the Nassau Grammar School was very quickly followed by others; the 2nd Bahamas Troop (an Open Group) was attached to Queen’s College; the 3rd Bahamas Troop was sponsored by St. Mathew’s Church, also two Out Island Troops were formed; the 4th Bahamas Troop on Inagua Island and the 5th Bahamas Troop on Exuma Island.